In late 2013, we started riding together, inspired by all the wonderful stories of adventure that you can find in books, online and, yes, watching Long Way Round and Long Way Down! But hearing people say that “anyone can take off on a big adventure” didn’t ring true to us: we’ve got a mortgage, jobs we like and four teenage kids – not exactly easy things to walk away from. Eventually when the kids leave home we can look at changing our minds, but for the moment adventure isn’t taking off across Mongolia, it’s getting a weekend away.

Cavan Moto (named after the street we live on) has been developed as a place to share our experiences as adventure bike riders. We know there are heaps of sites like this, but our focus is less on epic world travels and more on the world of adventure riding for folks who aren’t in the position to embark on long journeys – kind of adventure lite! We want to help people like us take the first step to heading out on journeys, tackling dirt roads, and generally grabbing as much of the adventure spirit as possible within the constrains of urban life.

– Andrea and Chuck


Chuck Smeeton, Founder
Chuck first swung a leg over a motorcycle (a Yamaha 350) in the early ‘80s when living in the village of Thredbo in the Snowy Mountains of Australia. At that time he was much more into mountain biking, and didn’t really get into the bike scene until 10 years later when a bought a BMW R1100R as mainly a commuter. With the arrival of kids, the bike sat idle more and more until he finally sold it a few years later. Then, in about 2007 he bought a Triumph Tiger 1050, again for mainly commuting purposes. A few years later a Vespa GTV300 joined the flock. But when Andrea bought her first bike (the BMW Sertao) it was time to get a machine that would handle similar terrain. The Triumph was sold and a 2007 BMW 1200GS arrived. Within a year that bike was upgraded to a 2011 BMW 1200 GS Adventure – the bike he rides today

Andrea Walloschek, Founder
Andrea waited all her life to get a bike, and started off with a Vespa LX150 for commuting when she went back to university. It was a decent placeholder, but not what she really wanted! That came with the purchase of a BMW GS 650 Sertao in 2013. It was almost perfect – but it never quite fit right and off-road riding was challenging when standing up despite many attempts with aftermarket products to adjust her positioning. She finally nailed it with the arrival of a BMW F800GS Adventure in 2014 – the bike she rides today.